Antimicrobial Surface Coating

Invisible Layer of Enhanced Protection

An active self-disinfecting coating solution that guarantees the safety of surfaces through continuous protection against pathogens. The technology is dirt-repellent, suitable for private consumers and companies.

Safety isn’t expensive. It’s priceless

We work hard to make sure our clients can breathe clean indoor air, move freely in sanitized spaces, and have the confidence to touch surfaces without worrying. We are on a mission to create better, safer, and hygienic spaces with nanotechnology & other avant-garde solutions.

How Nano-Coating Solutions Work

Nano-Coating solutions improve surface hygiene by reducing the number of pathogens and harmful organic compounds present in surfaces and in the air. Upon coating, surfaces become resistant to dirt and easier to clean without the need to use harmful chemicals.

Superior in destroying viruses & bacteria

Imagine a hot plate reaching a temperature of many thousand degrees Celsius. If a small piece of organic material falls on it, it immediately burns in an airy environment and breaks down to the basic mineral components and evaporate with nothing left on the disc. Similarly, at room temperature, our photocatalytic coatings work. These capabilities are provided by microscopic crystals of the titanium dioxide semiconductor (TiO2 ) and the physical phenomenon of photocatalysis.
Photocatalytic Coating

The effect of photocatalytic coatings has been proven by researchers at the University of Tampere, Finland. Photocatalysis destroys 98 % of influenza viruses within 2 hours in regular room light and takes only 30 mins with Blue Light Exposure.

Self-Disinfecting Solution

Photocatalytic coating works with light. After the treatment, the photocatalytic coating is activated within a few hours. It keeps working around the clock and only needs light to activate. It can be further enhanced with our Blue Light Technology for optimal results.

A New Dimension of Surface Hygiene - Our Process

The most powerful method of sanitizing surfaces, an absolute complement to your regular housekeeping & cleaning routines.
100% hospital-grade, state-of-the-art, high-end disinfection products and protocols that eliminate germs in the air and surfaces upon contact.
Nano-Coating Technology applied to protect them from recontamination for a duration of 12 months (depending on surface use), further reducing cleaning time of protected surfaces by 50%.

Benefits of Photocatalytic Coating

Activated by normal room light, the photocatalytic coating works round the clock, destroying viruses and microbes, thus preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

  • Minimizes risks of spreading infectious diseases in high traffic places
  • Ensures good surface hygiene against infectious diseases
  • Boost your company’s image and persona with safe & clean spaces
  • Increase staff productivity by reducing illnesses among your staff
  • Eliminate toxic chemicals used in normal cleaning procedures
  • Save on cleaning costs

Outstanding Results

Creating “self-disinfecting surfaces” by coating surfaces with heavy metals such as copper or silver or TIO2 that have innate antimicrobial properties or applying to surfaces compounds that retain their antimicrobial activity for weeks or months has received some attention as a new strategy for disinfecting or preventing the growth of bacteria on different surfaces. TiO2 is a chemically stable and inert material and continuously exerts antimicrobial effects when illuminated. The coated surface can effectively decompose virus, bacteria and super-bacteria and it can last long time up to years. Below is an example of how the “ ANTIMICROBIAL COATING” is proved to be effective in controlling microbial bioload.
Before Coating
(TVC - cfu/ml)

84 cfu/ml - This is before the treatment, i.e., before applying Tipe coating.

After Coating
(TVC - cfu/ml)

No Growth (100% reduction) - This is after treatment, i.e., after applying Tipe coating and allowing a contact time of atleast 6 hrs.

After 2 Months
(TVC - cfu/ml)

17 cfu/ml (80% reduction) - This is after 2 months. This shows that even after two months duration, it still shows excellent reduction results in the microbial growth.

Industries We Serve

We have worked with various industries including healthcare, education (universities, schools, and nurseries) hospitals, corporate offices, banks, and government offices.

Other Applications

Offices and agencies, Assisted living facilities & wellness centers, Hotels, Resorts & Spas, Dental clinics, Vehicles & car rental shops, Public terminals, Stations & Ports, Beauty salons, Cinemas & theaters, Museums & Libraries, Playgrounds and amusement parks.


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